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Alencon ~ Point de Paris Pattern
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Available in White & Ivory

This Image Shows Lace Reduced Approx 50%

Alencon Lace is Chantilly Lace which has been re-embroidered with a very fine rayon cord.
The Alencon Lace we carry is a cotton and rayon lace of the finest quality, imported from France. A delicate yet durable lace that can withstand beading
and shaping beautifully. These laces are made in 4 1/2 to 5 yard runs most right at 4 3/4.
Please keep this in mind when figuring yardage.
Most of our patterns are available in white and ivory.




  8" Wide


12" Wide


 36" Wide


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Please use the bottom row of conversion chart showing decimal numbers for order entry. Minimum 1/8th yard.

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 13 1/2"


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