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A sheer, lightweight, cotton fabric made with an open, plain weave and very fine, tightly twisted single yarns. Organdy has crisp to stiff drape that may be gathered, pleated or shirred into a bouffant fullness. It may be used alone or paired with another fabric to add fullness and loft. Use to make semi-fitted, puffed or bouffant evening wear, dresses, blouses, children's clothing, curtains, interfacings and facings. The fabric wrinkles and crushes easily, but it is quickly smoothed with a hot iron. It is often confused with organza, which is a sheer crisp, plain weave fabric of man-made or silk fibers

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Please Remember Computer Screens Vary in Color. All prices per yard.

Premium Swiss Cotton Organdy
Nelo Sanosa Organdy
~ Our Best
100% Swiss Import Pima Cotton ~ 45" Wide ~ $35.00 per yard









 Italian Organdy
Italian Import
100% Pima Cotton ~ 45" Wide
$18.00 per yard







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